Camille Godin



Pourquoi j'ai choisi d'étudier en droit des affaires au Canada?

Camille Godin, July 14 2020

En sortant du secondaire à l'âge de 16, 17 ou 18 ans, il est épeurant de penser que nous devons prendre toutes ces décisions par rapport à notre avenir.  Pour moi, il y avait plusieurs raisons pour lesquelles je considérais étudier ailleurs, mais en fin de compte j'ai vu qu'il y avait beaucoup plus d'avantages pour l'étude du droit des affaires au...

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Why I Chose to Study Business Law in Canada

Camille Godin, July 14 2020

In our last year of high school, at just 17 or 18 years old, we have big decisions to make that could definitely change our lives.  It's hard to weigh all our options and really trust that we'll make the best decisions.  For me, there were many reasons why I could have chosen to study elsewhere. Ultimately, there were even more reasons that drew me...

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Law School 101: What to expect in 1L?

Camille Godin, June 9 2020

What to expect in first year law school in Canada? There are definitely a lot of misconceptions and stereotypes around law school.  Even before starting your 1L, I'm sure you already think you have an idea of what law school will be like in all its glory or all its misery depending on the misconceptions you've heard.  But don't worry I'm here to bu...

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Law Jobs: What will the summer recruitment process in 2021 look like?

Camille Godin, June 2 2020

Well you did it! You finished your first year of law... Now what?   This is the question that many of us 2Ls are wondering about following the announcement on May 11th from the University of Ottawa - Faculty of Law about the upcoming online semester.  Will this mean a delay in the recruitment process or perhaps virtual interviews? Will as many stud...

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