Camille Godin




Ontario Secondary School Diploma


I completed my secondary education at Collège Notre-Dame, a French high school, in Sudbury.  During my time there, I maintained an above 90% average.  I was able to give the valedictorian speech for my high school graduation ceremony.  Following my final year of high school, I was awarded the Governor General's Academic Medal.

Collège Notre-Dame

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Bachelor of Commerce


I am currently in the integrated program of Bachelor of Commerce and Juris Doctor at the University of Ottawa.  This is a distinct program that allows me to complete my bachelor's degree as well as my law degree in 6 years instead of 7.  The portion of my Bachelor of Commerce is completed at the Telfer School of Management.  During my time at Telfer, I have found a new passion in finance and hope to apply the knowledge in a career in corporate law.

University of Ottawa

Juris Doctor


After completing two years of my Bachelor of Commerce and maintaining an average above 9.8, I was able to start my Juris Doctor in the fall of 2018.  Upon beginning my journey at the Faculty of Law, I quickly realized that I loved studying law and that I would love to pursue a career in this field.  This passion was helpful in obtaining a spot on the Dean's Honours List for the 2018, 2019 and 2020 semesters.

University of Ottawa

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